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Bespoke / Custom Designed Jewellery

Turner Manufacturing Jewellers Cape Town, Buy fine Jewellery Online

Turner Jewellers takes great pride in its ability and willingness to make the customer's vision a reality, working closely with individual customers to design a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Turner Jewellers offers customers the opportunity to create unique jewellery from their own designs.

It may be from scratch or it may be a drastic restyling of an existing piece or pieces of jewellery that you are tired of wearing.

With the growth and expansion of Internet communication and the advances in CAD Development, the benefits of being able to custom-design a piece of jewellery through online communication and using computer Aided Design (CAD) has become obvious and a reality.

While it may not be practical for you to physically come into our office to tell us your idea or view the piece in progress, we are still committed to designing your customized creation. We have developed a systematic line of communication so that, from the comfort of your own home, you can tell us what you are looking for, approve an initial drawing, and then review wax models, metal prototypes, and the final product. YOU work with us through the entire process until your piece is finished, the way YOU desire.

The process will start with the identification of the type of jewellery (Ring, Pendant Or Earrings) and the metal to be used in the piece, this will be discussed in conjunction with budget, as this may influence the metal to be chosen.

Once this stage is complete, we will discuss stones to be used, whether these be diamonds, gemstones or synthetic stones, and will include sizes and shapes to be used in the design, as well as the settings to be used - with this information, our designer will make a 3D photo realistic render that will allow you to see what the final design will look like prior to carving or growing the wax representation. We will make the digital image in several angles and send you the images. The reason we produce photo-realistic designs is so that they can be changed without using costly metal.

If the customer would like the design changed or altered, we will alter the photo-realistic image to accommodate your changes and send updated digital images via email for your approval. After you approve the design, our jewelers will create a wax or resin mold of the final product then cast into metal your approved design. Then if it is all fine we will set the stones, polish and take final pictures of YOUR custom creation. We also prepare an insurance replacement appraisal at NO CHARGE and supply the information that you need to get the piece insured to any company of your choice if needed.

Turner Manufacturing Jewellers Cape Town, Buy fine Jewellery Online

Special Occasions

Turner Manufacturing Jewellers has experienced and highly skilled goldsmiths who create unique and special pieces for that special occasion. Whether it be an engagement, wedding, birthday or a gift to someone special, we can create the perfect piece to complement the occasion. Our in-house jewellery designers can create unique and personalised pieces according to your specific requirements. Since you deal directly with the manufacturer we offer manufacturing prices. With our workforce of 50 staff you can rest assured that your product will be delivered on time and at a wholesale price. Diamonds used in our unique pieces are sourced in South Africa and purchased from legitimate sources.